Former Katungul CEO Damien Matcham Ambulance Service

If we look into his wide area of health expertise, he has taken care of a number of sub-domains like General Health Care, Health Checks, Illness Prevention, Immunization, Sexual Health, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Women’s & Men’s Health, Chronic Disease Management.

Right from his early days, Damien Matcham Tasmania was more interested in getting into the medical fraternity and he also got himself enrolled into one of the best medical schools around for the same reason. Besides his professional medical aspirations, Former Katungul CEO Damien Matcham was highly into offering high end medical expertise to all the surrounding underprivileged communities and associated population. Damien got himself registered to the voluntary work with the renowned St John ambulance brigade in the year 1990 and got appreciated and applauded numerous times for all the great work done by him in the same domain. Well, his expertise wasn’t just limited to only one domain and he has efficiently taken care of most of the other medical aspects in the process.

Damien Matcham  started his career in Voluntary medical services with the St John ambulance brigade in the year 1990 whilst working as a Sergeant. This was the time when he secured a number of rewards and recognition for his amazing work in the same field. Well, we can certainly credit the same progress to all of his great knowledge and enthusiasm and this was the reason, he secured the cadet leader post in no time. Looking into his career spread across 20 years, he has been awarded with numerous rewards and recognition badges during the same time. Even whilst he was busy getting along with his daily work commitments, he took out time to serve to the poor and underprivileged people around in terms of free healthcare services.

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